4.2 Stars - 142 Reviews
- 3 hours ago by Samantha Raylene R.
Great beautiful community! Close to highway and lots of shopping and dining. Friendly staff and dog friendly community. Amenities are a plus!
- Yesterday by Anna C.
Nice amenities Timely response for maintenance I got a trash violation before I even moved in. It’s frustrating when one or both of the gates are malfunctioning.
- 3 days ago by Kelsey L R.
For most part I love living here and management has been pretty great. They are quick to make repairs and clean up around the complex. I feel very safe in this community and most everything is gated. The mailroom is also locked and kept in impeccable condition. The one thing I haven't been very happy about is noise. You can hear neighbors very easily. Every time someone above you walks, your neighbor's loud music or conversation, etc... Also, the office has been hosting parties throughout the summer with VERY loud music. They have DJs by the pool and sometimes live music. I understand that this complex caters to the lifestyle of most young people but I just feel that it's really inconsiderate to make all the residents deal with extremely loud, concert-like music whether they enjoy it or not. This situation can be especially irritating if you are having friends over for dinner, have children sleeping or you are simply trying to have a conversation in the comfort of our own home. The one other thing that I find frustrating is the way the garbage is picked up. They will only collect garbage if it is in the trash bin they provide yet they also expect you store the extra can inside your home when its not in use. This can be a challenge is some units that have little to no storage. And who wants to keep a trash bin out as decoration in their apartment? In addition, the trash bin has to be brought into your apartment by 9:00am otherwise you are charged a $25 fee each time it happens. For anyone who has an abnormal work schedule (such as works a night, sleeps during the day) or in my case from 6:30am-11:30am online this can be an annoying and costly inconvenience. Overall, I do enjoy living here and this complex does offer many delightful amenities.
- 1 week ago by Julia L.
Love the apartment - rooms are clean (no pests!), location is great, and amenities top notch (I especially like the gym). Only downside is the trash can pile up on weekends, but it seems they are getting cleared/compacted quicker now.
- 1 week ago by Shatondra P.
Love the apartment, love the location, it’s near everything. My only complaint is, the upstairs tenant(s) have a dog that runs across my ceiling all day. It’s starting to drive me crazy.
- 2 weeks ago by Latoya H.
Experience was good. I really like the property. Fell in love at the first sight of viewing this property. I hope my stay here exceeds my expectations.
- 3 weeks ago by Cheng Q.
My experience here is excellent. Staffs are professional and friendly. The environment is great with the pool view. The gym is clean with many types of equipment. My cat is also very satisfied after we moved in.
- 1 month ago by Nakendria C.
Apartment community is great! They have a lot of resident events. Noise level is becoming a concern. Upstairs neighbors make a lot of noise.
- 1 month ago by Sudhir P.
Fun pool parties with DJ and movie nights. Friendly and prompt customer service for issues reported. Great location with close to the Suntrust park.
- 1 month ago by Tammy R.
The tour and application process was easy and seamless. The office staff was prompt and friendly. I moved into my unit 5/28 and absolutely love it.
- 1 month ago by Xiomara Nancy S.
I’ve lived here for 14 months and loved it. Initially there were some issues with the previous management company however since Greystar took over I’ve enjoyed living here more than ever. The amenities are great. The saltwater pool is my favorite (sometimes is gets really crowded on weekends). Even though there are many dogs, the dog park is usually empty when I go. The pet spa is convenient (right in front of dog park). Free weights were just added to the main gym and the TV was finally fixed in the yoga room. Maintenance is fast to solve issues. Parking in front of 1000 is BAD on game days but otherwise plenty of spaces. The walls are THIN but there is quiet time after 10:30pm and most abide it. The leasing office and my floor neighbors are absolutely why I gave 4.5 stars. I’d take away for price bc the apartments were visibly made in a hurry and some aspects (after living here for a couple of months) show as “cheap”. It’s a very clean apartment complex and rules are enforced. I would live here again. It’s more like a condo feel.
- 1 month ago by Chris Lee C.
The little trash notices are annoying as hell but other than that things are cool. The parking spots are also insanely small. But I do like our place
- 1 month ago by Jack C.
Great experience. Not far from the stadium. Management answers in a timely manor. Pool is nice with games to place next to it and grills. Site is well maintained.
- 1 month ago by Jessica P.
same concerns as last time - great location, but like any apartment community there are good neighbors and neighbors that don’t follow the rules of their lease
- 05/17/2019 by Sade Charity S.
Great place to live! Super close to The Battery and other amenities in the area. The Management team is very helpful and friendly as well..
- 05/17/2019 by Nestor G.
Great place to live because of the location and amenities. The dog park is great! The gym is great but could use a squat machine. Maintenance is always fast and friendly.
- 05/16/2019 by Maria Gabriela S.
Since I am living here my experience have been one of the best. Places like this with such amazing amenities, neighbors, neighborhood, architecture and many more thing you just get in love. That is how I feel living here. Best place to stay and have a great time.
- 05/16/2019 by Eric Andrew D.
Stadium walk has welcomed me with open arms. Moving from MA to GA, SW provides a great home and amazing opportunities to meet residents. Highly suggest meeting the friendly staff to see future living opportunities here at SW
- 05/15/2019 by Leslie M.
It's been alright since the new company took over. Everything has been cleaner and they finally fixed the yoga studio iPad. The neighbors above me do backflips all day and all night though.
- 05/15/2019 by Chintan Raju V.
Walls are very thin. Great neighborhood and resident activities. Old Falshioned washer and dryer. Management is slow to respond many times for queries.
- 05/15/2019 by Shayla R.
Stadium Walk is a fun community to live in. I have lived here for a year and I have no complaints. All communications are handled electronically so my only trips to the leasing office is to grab a cup of Starbucks.
- 05/09/2019 by Jahlen M.
Neighbors appear to get along pretty well. Also seem to get involved in events held by the leasing agents. Clean community as well. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying. I’ll definitely continue to make judgements as I’m here.
- 05/06/2019 by Maria Luisa A.
I really enjoy living here. the amenities are awesome and the staff is great. The maintenance team is very helpful and are always providing great service.
- 04/30/2019 by Morgan B.
I spoke with several people when deciding to move into Stadium Walk and they were all very helpful! The property is in a great location and kept up to my expectations!
- 04/30/2019 by Clarissa P.
The signing process so far has been awesome. Jennifer has been super helpful and make gave me such a wonderful your. Counting down the days til move in!